Off to L’Abri

It’s been a long long time since I wrote here, and an even longer time since I went on a retreat. Two years in fact, during which time I have been living in Spain. While I had plenty of weekend getaways in Spain, and experienced some moments of rest (usually in between lessons while drinking a quick cup of tea) I never really factored in much time for reflection. It was all pretty frenetic.

So much has been happening since I returned that I now feel in great need of a retreat, in order to step back a bit, and get some refreshment. I also thought it a good idea to breathe some new life into this blog, which I feel has been stagnating rather.

So this weekend I go to L’Abri in Hampshire. I’m not really sure what to expect, as it doesn’t call itself a retreat house, and chores are involved (not too many I hope)… so actually it may not be a retreat at all. I hope there is space for some quiet and reflection though. All will be revealed here on this blog on my return. If you’ve visited L’Abri please comment on this post – it’s so great to have feedback.


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