First steps on the Camino de Santiago

It has been a while since I wrote here. Much has happened since! The main thing being that I am now living in Spain, in a city in the north called Pamplona, and I have taken up a teaching job. It’s a refreshing change from London and I’m gradually forming friendships with other teachers and Spanish people living here.

I am blogging about my experience at Pamplona lies on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, that has various starting points across Europe, which all meet at the Pyrenees and finish in Santiago in Spain.

Tomorrow I set out on the Camino de Santiago for 2 days, begining at Pamplona, and heading for the towns of Peunte la Reina and Estella.  I hope to do much of the pilgrimage while I am living here, over weekends and holidays.


3 thoughts on “First steps on the Camino de Santiago

  1. Yes it has been a long time since u have blogged on your weekend retreats…purely by coincidence i had decided 3months ago that i would like to walk the Camino de Santiago next year…after i completed a major project back in the UK…and to read your blog now about u doing it is indeed a major blessing…

    id met this American guy called Chris who took 31 days to walk the route…and i was so inspired by his experience..that i set myself the challenge..

    well done u…and looking forward to your blogs as u journey along…

    hear from u soon

    ps. u must have read Paolo Coelho’s book The Pilgrimage right?..if now pls do so…

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