An urban retreat

My London houseshare is busy these days. Nicola, the teacher, has bought a new blender and is experimenting with a variety of dishes, with interesting and varied results. Caroline, the film maker, is preparing for a pitch she has to give in a film competition tomorrow. And we have another addition to the house, Louise, who is lodging here for a few months – meaning there are now five of us in the house. It’s busy, but fun.

Thankfully we got rid of the mice that seemed to be making a home for themselves in one of the kitchen cupboards. Mice are really the last thing we need, not least in the kitchen.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to north London for a day retreat on the theme of ‘Moving Forwards’. I thought it a relevant theme for the New Year, and is an easy enough trek up on the Northern line.

Another reason it’s really relevant to me is because I finished my job yesterday, a short term contract, so need to seek out the next thing. It’s all a bit uncertain really, but hopefully tomorrow will give me a new sense of direction.


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