In with the new

The other evening I and my housemates – the four of us – sat around the dinner table discussing what our aspirations were for the coming year. We talked about everything really – work life, spirituality, relationships…

It was good to do this as one year rolls into the next – to pause and think about what we really wanted from the year. I always think it’s good to have goals even if they don’t materialise in the way we imagine.

I like New Year: a fresh start, new resolutions, and also a time for looking back and giving thanks to God for the good things in life. It seems to bring things into sharper focus somehow.

I’m now thinking about a January retreat and where to go. Having not been on a retreat for some time, I really feel ready for one now. Christmas was a little exhausting and I went away to the New Forest for New Year with a big group of friends. It was lovely but I didn’t really have a chance to carve out any space within that.

So this month I will probably head off for a day retreat somewhere, maybe the convent down the road. There are several really well-known retreats that I have yet to visit, such as Worth Abbey in West Sussex, St Beunos in Wales… hopefully I can carve out some weekends this year to visit them.


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