A quiet moment at Christmas

So it’s Christmas again, and I end this year’s blogging in the snowy conditions that I started it. It was snow back in January that prevented me from going on a weekend retreat, and it’s snow again this month that has made an advent retreat impossible.

This is the scene out of my window at home. The last time I can remember a white Christmas was years ago, in Scotland, as a child.

I could have done with a retreat this month to be honest, which makes me all the more determined to fit one in for the New Year.
I’ve tried really hard not to get caught up in all the rush this year, and to carve out some moments of reflection at home in London. It’s hard though isn’t it… there are parties, and shopping, and mince pies to make, snowmen to build, trains to catch… it’s hard to step back from all that.

So during the past week I’ve had a few quiet moments reflecting on the Christmas story, to try and get things in perspective a bit. Admittedly they’ve been fleeting moments but they’ve helped a lot. Happy Christmas!


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