December reflections

Snow is here, and we’re almost into December…the year almost gone. Snow reminds of back in January when I started this blog.

My aim was to go on 12 retreats in a year, one every month. I’ve been on a fair amount of retreats this year, although admittedly not 12. I’ve realised something important about retreats – we tend to go on them when we need to. Without that need, it can turn into chore.

The months I’ve skipped a retreat have been times when I haven’t been in the mood for a weekend of self-reflection or solitude. Some months I’ve been on a day retreat, which has been a good substitute, or I’ve simply carved out a bit of time and space for myself in the midst of my London life.

The photo here is of Hyde Park last month. It was a mini retreat afternoon I carved out for myself. The park was glowing with the colours of autumn and it was a real treat.

Strangely it was a real effort to carve out some retreat space for myself that afternoon in November. There were a hundred things I could have been doing – why was I going to waste an afternoon strolling around a park? But it was a good afternoon, of reflection, prayer and seeing God through autumn colours.

Generally I find peace, quiet and stillness in London are pretty hard to come by. It’s good to know these retreats are there to escape to when the small moments of space and reflection in the midst of a big city aren’t quite enough.


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