Silence and song

This morning I went to the church service (there are three everyday), which was packed out with people squeezing into every available space on the floor.

I am still trying to get into the swing of the music here – it is beautiful, although I’m finding it hard to focus and my mind keeps drifting. The songs are sung in all languages and are chants – lines such as ‘Sing to Lord with joyful hearts, Praise the Lord forever more‘, repeated over and over, as a way to meditate and pray.

The brothers who live here at Taizé are cloaked in white and sit down the central part of the chapel. Occasionally one of them will sing solo, or give a reading, and in every service we have around five minutes of silence. There are many candles at the front of the chapel and large, colourful banners, giving the church a warm, reverent feel.

Silence plays a big part here at Taizé, and before you go in for the service people are holding signs saying ‘Silence’. There is also a pretty garden nearby, with a lake and waterfall, where you walk – again there are ‘Silence’ signs around the place, and if you’re talking too much or too loudly, someone will remind you that this is a silent place for reflection.


One thought on “Silence and song

  1. please may i use this picture in a charity news letter. i am writting an article entitled “No loud noise please, we teenagers seeking peace.” we are taking a group to Taize this summer and we are hoping this article will help us with our fundraising!

    thank you
    fran Walsh youth worker for Oxford Youth Works

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