Seeking simplicity

In my spare time, and in between job hunting, I’m having a clear out of house things.

As I go through everything I realise I have far too much stuff that I don’t need, which has led me to thinking a lot about simplicity. The more cluttered my home is, the more weighed down I feel by it all. Now that I’ve started to get rid of some things, I’m already feeling much freer and like this weight had been lifted. The de-cluttering effect on the mind has been really quite amazing.

This led me to thinking much more broadly about simplicity, in all areas of my life. Generally speaking I live a busy life in London and fill my time with lots of different things – the busyness can get addictive.

I think going on retreats has made me think I need to simplify things more – the things I have, the people in my life, the activities… And when I do this, I can appreciate better what I do have.

I’ve found when I’ve been on retreat, simplicity plays a big part – I’m away from familiar people, surroundings, activities, noise and all the usual stuff that surrounds me. It’s all stripped away and I am have time and space to think, to let something of God find a way in there and speak to me again.

I want to integrate this ‘simple way’ more into my everyday life, but it’s really hard. Carving out time, space, silence in a place like London – where do you start? (besides having a clear out).


4 thoughts on “Seeking simplicity

  1. What a marvellous idea for a blog. I’m enjoying reading it, and have linked to it in mine. The de-cluttering problem, both spiritual and material is one that’s been very relevant to me, too, recently. I suspect there are many more of us out there, struggling to integrate simplicity into our busy 21st Century lives.

  2. It’s important to find time for introspective contemplation and the assessing of the things that enhance and bring quality to our lives.

    Your blog is great and I hope will bring like minded
    to share our experiences and our desire for a peaceful and more balance world. Thanks!

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