A new direction

A week today I will be on a retreat in Hampshire, a Christian healing foundation set in a 19th century hunting lodge. The theme is ‘Who do you think you are? – a creative retreat exploring the theme of personal calling and exploring God’s unique intention for our lives.’

This has come at a good time for me. In a couple of weeks I finish a job I have been in for over a year, and will be job hunting. This is scary – not knowing what will happen next.

The idea that God has a unique intention for our lives has always intrigued me, and is something I’ve struggled to believe in. If I look back over my working life, and sometimes life in general, the picture can look chaotic and I can’t seem to see a deeper purpose at work.

Although once someone said to me that this could be likened to a patchwork quilt, on the back you see all the stitches and frayed ends, but when you turn it over it becomes something quite beautiful. This image really helps me when I can’t make sense of things.

This weekend will be the most amount of time I have ever spent thinking about the theme of personal calling, and what is unique to me. More often than not I have rushed from one job to the next, exploring a huge variety of things – yet I have never been really at home in any of the jobs I’ve tried.

Is there such thing as an ideal job, and that something is out there that is perfect for me, and what God made to do?

I’m not sure, but hopefully the weekend will throw up some answers.


One thought on “A new direction

  1. This is a toughie. It’s not just whether a move is God’s intention, but how exactly are we supposed to know? Do His job offers and opportunities come in different coloured envelopes? (You know what I mean!)

    One thing I have learnt. I’m not yet ancient, but I can look back and see that where I tried too hard to make something come about, it was not the right move, and life seemed to take ages before it felt balanced again. Forcing other people or a situation is never right, unless, I suppose, if you are a financier looking for immediate gain, without thought for wider outcomes.

    I try now to take a more organic view of life, letting things present themselves naturally. I know that this will not be easy if you are having to job hunt for survival, but going with what is unforced is usually better for us.

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