An island retreat

Today I head to Lindisfarne in Northumberland, also known as Holy Island, which sits just south of the border to Scotland on the East Coast.

It is seen as ‘holy’ because St Aidan went to the island in 635AD from Iona and built a monastery there; it was here that Christianity flourished and spread.

It is a tidal island covered by the North Sea twice in every 24-hour period, meaning I need to get there before 13.45 and will leave on Monday after 15.00. So it is a bit of a rush today to get there.

I have visited the island a couple of times over the years, but have never actually stayed on it. I can imagine that staying on the island will be a very different experience to visiting it for a day.

I’m looking forward to three days of natural beauty, away from offices, traffic and crowds!


2 thoughts on “An island retreat

  1. lucky u…it does sound amazing…

    have a blessed time and looking forward to your experiences from the weekend…

    ps. we stayed at Poor Clares Monastery in Barnet this was wonderful!!!! did u go to the one in Arundle?

  2. Around 12 years ago I was an a sabbatical leave from my university in America and living in London. One weekend we took the train to Berwick upon Tweed near the border and took a buss down to Holy Island. We wanted to visit this historic and holy place. When we alighted from the bus we were directed to the petrol station on the corner and told we could get a taxi from there to the island. Indeed, the owner said he would arrange for the taxi and off we went across the causeway at low tide (We had checked the tide tables several days earlier.).We arranged to spend 3 hours there and the taxi driver returned punctually and brought us back to the petrol station, from which we took the bus back to Berwick where we spent the night. We really should have asked about lodging on the island. The taxi driver was a delight and told us stories of people caught by the tide who had to spend the next 12 hours in a little box on a pole until the tide went out.
    We had a wonderful time there – it was a pilgrimage for us. Some day it would be good to do a weekend retreat there. We would also like someday to spend a weekend on Iona, where we also have visited for a day from Oban.

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