Upcoming film: No Greater Love

An article in the Evening Standard caught my eye the other day. It was a feature about a new film to be released about the lives of 21st century nuns living in a convent in a Carmelite monastery in Notting Hill – the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

Having spent my first two weekend retreats of the year in convents with nuns, the release of the film – called No Greater Love – is naturally of great interest to me. It also indicates that the subject of nuns and monasteries is a topical one.

The filmmaker, Michael Whyte, petitioned for 10 years to gain access to the enclosed order of nuns. He then managed to spend a year filming them, following the daily rhythm of their lives as they attend the Divine Office, cook clean, sew and tend to their garden.

© Michael Whyte

This takes me back to my January retreat which was in a Poor Clare’s convent in West Sussex – again, an enclosed order of nuns. I was a bit sorry at the time I didn’t see more of the nuns going about their daily lives, so this new documentary will be really interesting in that it will ‘lift the veil’ on such a community. It’s also interesting that you have enclosed orders of nuns going about their business in the heart of a busy city like London – cut off from the city, yet at the same time existing right in the middle of it.

Something else that caught my eye was an upcoming BBC 2 documentary called The Silence, a three-part documentary that follows five people as they attempt to put silence into their everyday lives. It looks like it will be presented by Christopher Jamison, Abbott of Worth Abbey, who also presented the Monastery and Convent Series. I’m not sure when the series is due to be aired, but again this should be an interesting series, considering silence is generally something hard to come by in modern life (or at least, I find it is).

I hope to go on a silent retreat later in the year, and also to visit Worth Abbey. I had planned go in April but they are booked up for the retreat that I had hoped to go on. It’s clearly a popular place for a retreat.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming film: No Greater Love

  1. hey…thanks for the notice of the coming film…will look out for it…

    ps. if u do find out when it is released could u let us know?

    pps. ive been inspired by your blogs…keep up the good works…

    God’s Rich Blessings be upon you

  2. I worked in a place where the visiting group had a one week silent retreat which meant all of us living and working there had to do the same.
    It was a wonderful enriching experience, that took me on a quite deep internal journey. One’s powers of observation were enhanced, appreciation of the visual and sense of inner peace grew as the week moved along.

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